About Us

My gift to you is a line of premium quality, 100% natural products that meet the highest organic standards possible, and are Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Our high quality mineral make up products will make your skin look flawless, natural and luminous.

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Our Story

Since the age of 13 years, as every young woman wanted to wear makeup; Then among friends lent me their powders and blushes, to avert the color of my skin, from there I went to buy the color for my skin of dust and blushes,. When using them I realized that my skin came out many pimples, I stopped using that brand and look for another one, then I use another one but also passed the same, after using many different brands of powders and blushes I realized that my skin was very sensible for that type of makeup ; So I decided not to use any more powders and blushes, but just lipstick.
For several years I was looking for a brand of makeup that was natural and skin sensible but did not find it, then I associated with a friend who was also looking for makeup and she did not find her color for her skin; Then she started to get the products with FDA and PETA certifications, etc. I began to use the products and my skin is very well. many of my friends asked me what I did to my face and tell them nothing is makeup. This make-up is easy, soft, moisturizes and helps you to cover imperfections, and it is also for sensible skin like mine.
In 2002 I started selling the products to my friends, and in 2017 I started an ecommerce to offer to those women like me who has sensible skin: a line of organic, vegan, cruelty free makeup and skin care products.
Chantael Mission: is to offer you a line of organic, vegan and honest products that you can use every day.
Chantael has certifications of PETA and VEGAN.